Carl Johnson approaches Big Smoke's Home and sees Tenpenny and Pulaski leaving the garage near the house.
Tenpenny Hey, Carl, keeping busy, I hope.
CJ You know me, Officer Tenpenny.
Tenpenny Yeah, I know you, Carl. I know everything about you. *Passing by, puts his hand on CJ's shoulder*
CJ Don't touch me. Get your pig hands off me...
Tenpenny That's right, Carl, I got my eye on you.
CJ And? Like I give a fuck.
Pulaski We're watching you, Carl! *throws his cigar in CJ's direction*
CJ Motherfucker!
Big Smoke *approaches CJ from the back* What was that all about, baby?
CJ You tell me.
Big Smoke Aw hell, man, they got their nose in everything. Can't shit without Tenpenny taking an interest. The hell with him.
CJ Yeah, I guess. What's really up?
Big Smoke Hey, thinking of taking a little ride. Three deep mentioned a little something that might put us deeper in game.
CJ A'ight, I'm down.
CJ and Big Smoke are sitting in Big Smoke's Glendale.
CJ Where to, Smoke?
Big Smoke Unity Station.
CJ drives Big Smoke to parking lot near Unity Station.
CJ What we looking for, Smoke?
Big Smoke Some Vagos cats meeting some San Fierro Rifa, cutting some kind of deal.
CJ San Fierro? I thought Northern Mexicans don't mix with Los Santos esses.
Big Smoke Shit, you got me.
CJ *They notice some Vagos members above the tunnel* That look like them!
Big Smoke *Vagos jump on the roof of the train* Motherfuckers clocked us! We got to get those fools!
CJ and Big Smoke jump on nearby Sanchez and chase the train.
Big Smoke Follow that train! Get me close, CJ. I'm about to pop these fools. Roll up on them CJ, so I can get a shot! Oh fuck! An on-coming train! Take the high road on the right, CJ! Look the fuck out, CJ! The train! Move this shit, man I'm gonna ice these fools, man.
Big Smoke kills all Vagos members on the top of the train.
Big Smoke Hey, let's get outta here before cops show, man.
CJ Was it always like this?
Big Smoke Was what always like this?
CJ Always fucked up around here. Or is it because of the drugs?
Big Smoke What you think, man?
CJ I don't know. That's why I'm asking you.
Big Smoke Yo, eh eh, don't ask a wise man, friend. Ask a fool.
CJ That's what I was doing.
Big Smoke Well, if you're going to make this thing personal, I ain't speaking on it no more.
CJ drives Big Smoke back to his house.
Big Smoke Hey, you better clear out, CJ. I don't want those C.R.A.S.H. fools trying to pull you into some shit!
CJ Alright, homie. You be careful with those cats. I'm gonna see you later.