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Wu "Kenny" Lee (吴“肯尼”李) was a character in Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a main character and the main antagonist and mastermind behind the events of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. He is the leader of the Lee Family who operates out of the Sum Yung Gai restaurant.


Wu Lee was born in 1960 in China. He was the younger brother of the future Lee Triads boss and the uncle of Huang Lee. Wu moved to Liberty City in the mid 1990s and opened a restaurant called Sum Yung Gai. He also earned the name "Kenny". Kenny arrested in 1996 for possession of stolen property, in 1998 for petit larceny, in 2001 grand larceny, in 2002 for Arson and in 2006 for extortion.

Events of GTA Chinatown Wars


Artwork of Kenny Lee

Wu is the uncle of Huang Lee, the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, and is suspected to be the second most powerful Triad in Liberty City. With current Liberty City Triad boss Hsin Jaoming's retirement quickly approaching, Lee is one of the main contenders for the position as his successor. As it turns out he killed Huang's father in order to get the Yu Jian Sword and he was also the FBI informant that the Triads were looking for, but this isn't revealed until later in the game.

When Haung first arrives in Liberty City, he is attacked and left for dead by gangsters who stole the sword. Haung escapes and tells his uncle what happened. It turned out Wu wanted to give the Yu Jian to Hsin to cement his postition as successor. Because of the loss, Wu was dishonored and he and Haung struggle to keep business alfoat. 

Later, Hsin and Haung try to find the FIB informant causing trouble for the Triads. Hsin suspects Haung and attempts to kill him, but is stopped by Wu. Wu convinces Hsin to give Haung time to find the real informant, bringing haste to the mission. During the search, Wu places "evidence" that narrow the search down to Hsin's son Chang, and Zhou Ming. Disgraced that his own son is an informant, Hsin steps into retirement, appoints Wu as the new head of the Triads, and Haung kills the two suspects.

Near the end of the game, Haung's own police connection, Wade Heston, who reveas the rat is still out there, and holding a meeting with his allies. Haung and Heston drop in on the meeting and Wu is revealed to be behind everything. Wu tries to explain himself, but Haung won't listen, and Heston tries to arrest Wu, but Wu orders his men to kill them. Haung and Weston fight their way out, while Wu flees. Haung and Heston chase Wu across the city, by boat and by car before Wu stops at Hsin's house. In a confrontation, Hsin demands Wu hand over the sword, and Wu responds by stabbing him. Haung arrives and kills Wu, and Hsin appoints Haung as head of the Triads. 

He has an entry in the LCPD Database in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Murders commited by Wu Lee

  • Mr. Lee - killed in order to take control of the Lee Family and take the Yu Jian sword.


  • So far, Wu Lee is the only antagonist in the GTA series to be a relative of the protagonist.
  • Wu Lee in Mandarin means "fox" (狐狸), which is a resemblance to his nature.
  • Wu Lee may also mean Strengthless (无力) or Unreasonable (无理) in Mandarin.

Mission appearances

GTA Chinatown Wars

Personal information

LCPD Database information

Surname: Lee

First Name: Wu "Kenny"

Age: 48

Place of Birth: China

Affiliations: Liberty City Triad Organization

Criminal Record:

  • 1996 - Possession Stolen Property
  • 1998 - Petit Larceny
  • 2001 - Grand Larceny
  • 2002 - Arson
  • 2006 - Extortion


  • Believed to be the second most powerful leader in the Liberty City Triad Organization.
  • Considered the chief rival for Chan Jaoming in the struggle for control of Triad Organized Crime in Liberty City.

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