The front page of the website. is the website for the Children Of The Mountain movement in Grand Theft Auto V. Accessing this site will give the player an assessment form to tick off. The player (normally Franklin) will then receive a text from Brother Adrian along with a password to access the stage two part of the program. After entering the password and submitting a form with nearly two hundred dollars, Stage two will begin and the password for it is "futility." a minigame is then played where you must find the correct word out of jumbled letters. 

The words below in order are:











There is a time limit to complete these games and its very likely the player will fail them as despite how fast they solve them, the won't be enough time to solve the next set of jumbled words after "awareness".

After the time runs out, you are taken to another page and you are given the choice to click "I commit" which willl then ask 4999 dollars from the player to progress to stage three.

To begin stage four, the player must put in "actuality" as the password. The player then has to tick a true or false form, however, the player must click "true" to progress or else it will accuse you of lying or selective memory. After it's finished, the player will get one last message from Brother Adrian and a unique t-shirt.