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XXXMags in the Red Light District, Portland Island, Liberty City.

XXXMags is an adult magazine store located in the Red Light District on Portland Island, Liberty City. The store is owned by El Burro, leader of the Diablos street gang. The store is known to sell Donkey Does Dallas volumes 1, 2 and 3. The store appears in Grand Theft Auto III. In one of El Burro's missions, Claude delivers a van he found at Portland Harbor to XXXMags after killing the man responsible for scattering the Donkey Does Dallas volumes all over Portland. Afterwards, unknown men appear outside during the brief cutscene after delivering the van to XXXMags. These could be detectives or potential clients.


  • Claude will find a pack of XXXMags "Muff and the Mule Sexy Beast" edition outside the Portland safehouse.

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