A Xoomer Gas Station in Easter Basin.


A Xoomer Tanker.

Xoomer is a major petroleum refining and sales company in the State of San Andreas as depicted in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


It operates a fleet of fuel tankers and maintains filling stations throughout the state. Its filling stations are easily identified and distinguished by a large "X" rotating in front of the filling stations. Carl Johnson's garage in Doherty, San Fierro is a run-down, abandoned Xoomer filling station with a faded sign displaying the company name still visible above where the fuel pumps would have been, but there is no rotating 'X' however as it was likely pulled down when the location was abandoned.

After several missions this old filling station becomes a successful chop-shop/auto garage and also serves as a safehouse, with a garage large enough to hold three vehicles.

Xoomer is most likely a parody of Exxon, as the "X" in "Xoomer" is similar to the double "X" in Exxon's logo. It is never explained why Xoomer abandoned the filling station that becomes Carl Johnson's chop-shop/auto-garage, although damage brought on from the San Andreas Earthquake could be to blame.

Prominent Appearances in Missions

During the mission Wear Flowers in Your Hair, Carl and Truth drive to the Easter Basin, San Fierro Xoomer gas station to pick up Jethro who works as a mechanic at the station. Xoomer is the owner of the truck Carl and Cesar Vialpando steal during the Mike Toreno mission Highjack. In both missions, the company's logo, a large "X" with the name "Xoomer" superimposed, is seen emblazoned on the sides and back of the truck's tank. Furthermore, the trucking missions just outside western Los Santos sometimes require the player to drive a tanker. Invariably, the tanker sports the Xoomer logo on its tank.

The Easter Basin garage is the meeting point for Carl, T-Bone Mendez and Mike Toreno in Outrider, where CJ drives them down the road to Solarin Industries (Shady Industries in the PS2 version).


Las Venturas

San Fierro

San Andreas' Countryside


  • While other Xoomer gas pumps can be destroyed, the ones in Las Venturas cannot.
  • Xoomer may be a play on the word, "zoomer", or "exhumer" (a person who digs up bodies).
  • Xoomer was called Xenon in the GTA San Andreas internal game files. The Xenon billboard can be seen in San Fierro near ZIP, but only while the game graphics are still loading.
  • The Xoomer gas station in Easter Basin is very close to the abandoned Xoomer station in Doherty. The Easter Basin station may have replaced the abandoned station.
  • A neon Xoomer sign is in Simeon Yetarian's office at the Premium Deluxe Motorsport in Grand Theft Auto V.
  • Judging by the strong similarities between their logos Xero may have replaced Xoomer. The logos of both chains feature a very prominent 'X' suggesting that Xero may in fact be the rebranded Xoomer. The sign mentioned above could simply be outdated branding.

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