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You may be looking for the Uptown Yardies in Grand Theft Auto III, a Jamaican gang also known as the Yardies. 

Yardies, also known as Jamaicans are the loose coalition of the Jamaican posses that operate out of the Beechwood City/Schottler area of Broker and the Willis area of Dukes, Liberty City. They are first seen in Grand Theft Auto IV.

One of the members is Real Badman, a leader of his own posse, and their businesses primarily consist of drug-trafficking (especially cannabis) and arms-trafficking. They have a concentrated presence in Broker and Dukes, in Schottler, Beechwood City and Willis, in various apartment complex, but mainly operate from the Homebrew Café in Beechwood City, Broker. As revealed in Shadow and Out of Commission/A Revenger's Tragedy, the Badman's posse seems to expand territories to Bohan and Alderney.

Jacob Hughes, a friend and associate of Badman, a prolific arms dealer and a good friend of Niko Bellic, is a notable member of Yardies.

Since Jamaican posses aren't always operating together, they can be seen clashing with each other at the beginning of the game. Real Badman's posse has a conflict with other Jamaican drug dealers in Broker and Dukes and employs hired gun Niko Bellic to assist in these matters; additionally, Russian gangsters at one point attempted to intimidate Badman, hoping to absorb the Yardies’ operations; Badman responded by murdering the gangsters, with Niko's aid. Also, Badman's expansion to Bohan has lead to eliminating small African-American drug crew.

Yardies seem to be Rastafarians, despite the strong denial of violence and heavy drugs within religion; they speak Iyaric as well as patois, frequently smoke marijuana, and wear their hair in dreadlocks. They can be seen wearing brightly colored suits or army fatigues, and some wear Rasta tams, which is a sign of rudeboys style. Some can even be seen wearing Africa pendants. They are well-armed, most members carrying pistols, or occasionally a knife or baseball bat. Their cars are painted in the colors of the Jamaican flag: green, black, and gold. They can mainly be found in the Beechwood City region, particularly the Homebrew Café, and have a smaller presence in neighboring Schottler and Willis as well.

Due to Niko being close friends with Little Jacob, the Yardies welcome him to their turf. If Niko is engaged in a fight, or is attacked by a pedestrian, the Yardies will defend him by all means. This will only happen after Shadow, before that mission, Jamaicans will be hostille if you attack them. They may use knives, pistols, pump shotguns or Micro Uzi's to attack the player.

In The Lost and Damned's gang wars side mission, the Yardies are one of the possible gangs you need to fight and kill.

In The Ballad of Gay Tony's drug wars side mission, the player will sometimes steal unnamed drugs from Jamaicans; however, Little Jacob or Real Badman are never seen in these drug wars.

In Chinatown Wars, they appear in Driven to Destruction, and some cars which are almost blown up in Bomb Disposal were most likely theirs. They are called "Yardies" most of the time in the game. There are also three Jamaican drug dealers.

The gang's favorite radio stations are Tuff Gong Radio, Massive B Soundsystem 96.9, RamJam FM and Ticklah.


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