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Yo-Ma's Frozen Fish Products Logo

The Yo-Ma's Frozen Fish Products logo.

Yo-Ma's Frozen Fish Products is a food company, which distributes fish products including fish fingers. The company has a factory in the Red Light District, Portland, Liberty City. The factory is called Yo-Ma's Frozen Fishy Finger Factory and has been in operation since at least 1998. The factory is located next to the Red Light District/Chinatown underground train station. Company vans can also be seen traveling around Portland.


  • The name of the factory is a reference to the cellist Yo-Yo Ma.
  • The factory's name could possibly also be a reference to "Yo Mama" jokes. 
  • The factory's motto is "Because people love the fishy smell of Yo-Ma's frozen fish products". It may be a reference to "fishy" vaginal odour, meaning "people love the fishy smell of your ma's /vagina/". 

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