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Yu Jian Sword

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Yu Jian Sword

Artwork of the sword.

The Yu Jian (玉劍) is a sword in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. It is the plot item in the game's story.


The sword has been the keeping for the head of the family, a tradition Huang Lee's father made up after winning it in a card game. After the murder of Huang's father, the sword is brought from Hong Kong to Liberty City to the family's new patriarch, Wu Lee, Huang's uncle. Wu wanted to give the sword to the head of the Triads organizations, Hsin Jaoming, in order to become Hsin's successor. However, Wu ordered to the Wonsu Nodong gang, to steal the sword and kill Huang.

Events of GTA Chinatown Wars

After Huang arrived to Liberty City with his private jet in the Francis International Airport, Dukes, Wu's men ambush the airport and kill Huang's bodyguard. They proceed to shoot Huang who manages to survive, Wu's men then take the sword to Wu himself.

After Huang arrived to Wu's place, he start to work for various people in order to find out where is the sword.

At the end of the story, Huang, with the help of Wade Heston, finds out that Wu stole the sword. Wu escapes from the two and arrives to Hsin's place, where he stabs Hsin. In that moment, Huang arrives to the place, Wu attacks Huang with the Yu Jian sword, but Huang manges to kill him, and finally retake the sword.

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