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Yuppie and the Alien is a television show advertised in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, shown on VBC. A parody poking fun at both 80's police drama series Miami Vice and friendly alien comedy series ALF. The show is possibly also a reference to the movie and/or series Alien Nation, although it is probably also an allusion to the fantastical "do-gooder" shows of the eighties in general (e.g.: Automan, Manimal, Knight Rider, The Powers of Matthew Star, et al). It cannot be watched by the player. Mr. Magic, the DJ on Wildstyle, detests the show.

Radio Commercial

Male: This fall, a new hard-hitting police drama is coming to Friday night. He was a well-to-do cop, transferred to a trouble precinct downtown. His new partner is a space traveller, with a passion for justice. It's Yuppie & The Alien!

Captain: Look! You may vaporize dissidents in Alpha Centauri, but in this precinct, we do things by the book!

Yuppie: I'm so terribly sorry, captain.

Gogan: Gah. Gogan sorry!

Male: Don't miss this one-of-a-kind police drama. They're fighting crime the hard way, in designer clothes, with a quarter of a million dollar sports car, and a UFO.

Yuppie: Partner, let's go cruise in the car, and look moody.

Male: One tough, downtown precinct, two outsiders, doing things their way, Yuppie & The Alien, on VBC.

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