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Not to be confused with ZiT.

Zip (known as Gash in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City) is a clothing store featured in the Grand Theft Auto series. The store is based on the clothing brand Gap.


Grand Theft Auto III/Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories introduce Zip stores, which are featured prominently on Staunton Island, Liberty City. However, the locations of the stores are different. In 2001, the branch is located in Newport, and in 1998, the branch is located in Belleville Park. However, in both games, a female pedestrian carrying shopping bags with the Zip logo on them are seen in Newport and Belleville Park

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


A Gash store in the North Point Mall, Vice City

Zip appears to be branded as Gash in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Despite this, however, there are Zip logos on Benson courier vans and on the Hotring Racer. There is a Gash store in the North Point Mall which pays protection money to Tommy Vercetti which also must be robbed to achieve 100%. The Casual Outfit is available outside the upstairs entrance. A hidden package can be picked up at the back of the upstairs west wing in the Gash store above the interior's escalators. In the scenery hundreds of feet above Vice City floats The Gash Blimp, a blimp which bears the Gash logo. 

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, there are four Zip stores that are unlocked upon completing the mission Are You Going to San Fierro?. Carl Johnson can buy moderately-priced clothing from this store to wear, which give a higher increase in sex appeal and other people's respect toward him, compared to that of Sub Urban and Binco. There is a six-storey Zip shopping store that is under construction in King's. This building could quite possibly be based on that of the real Gap headquarters Zip is based from, because of the fact that the real Gap headquarters in San Francisco, California, was built right around the same time the game takes place. It should be noted that when Carl is wearing clothing from Zip, his dialogue appears to be neutral, in comparison to the ghetto dialect he uses when wearing clothing from Binco and Sub Urban.

Grand Theft Auto V

Zip reappears in Grand Theft Auto V, albeit with a logo closer to Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories logo, and no longer featuring a background with the wording. The store is inaccessible to the player and plays no role in the storyline whatsoever.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto V



Respect % + Sex Appeal % + Price
Blue Hoody 5 5 $65
Black Hoody 5 5 $65
Striped T-Shirt 5 5 $10
Brown Shirt 5 10 $40
Sky Blue Shirt 7 10 $40
Yellow Shirt 7 10 $40
Gray Shirt 7 10 $40
Plaid Shirt 3 0 $20
Cream Logo T 0 5 $35
Gray Logo T 0 5 $35
Jean Jacket 10 20 $90
Bowling Shirt 7 13 $70
Beige Khakis 10 10 $150
Olive Khakis 10 7 $150
Black Khakis 8 8 $150
Blue Khakis 8 7 $150
Beige Shorts 6 3 $80
Blue Shorts 6 3 $80
Gray Boots 5 5 $125
Red Boots 5 5 $135
Brown Boots 2 4 $115
Hiking Boots 4 2 $110
Leaf Chain 2 1 $100
Gold Cuban 2 2 $350
Zip Blue 2 2 $100
Zip Gold 2 2 $220
Black Shades 2 2 $100
Brown Shades 2 2 $150
Black Sun Hat 2 2 $20
Plaid Sun Hat 2 2 $20
Cap 1 0 $40
Cap (Back) 1 0 $40
Cap (Side) 1 0 $40
Cap (Tilt) 1 0 $40
Cap (Up) 1 0




  • Zip was originally meant to be available sometime before unlocking San Fierro, as seen in this screenshot of CJ wearing a plaid shirt and hiking boots while performing "Are You Going to San Fierro?".
  • A few Gash shopping bags can be found in the Journalist's apartment in Manhunt.
  • A billboard advertising Zip can be seen in the Rockstar Vancouver game Bully.
  • Zip appears to specialise in khaki clothing, with a store in San Fierro claiming to have "five more floors of khakis". The Zip store under construction in King's has signs with the motto 'With six more floors of khakis'. However, the final two letters of the word "khakis" are smeared out with concrete, creating the word "khak". This is a pun by Rockstar, as "khak" is a reference to excrement.
  • While Gap may indirectly refer to the female vulva, the term Zip is believed to be an impression of a zipped vulva.
    • Gash, however, is slang for vagina. It also means a large, gaping wound.
  • ZIP was meant to make an appearance as an available clothing store in Grand Theft Auto IV, but it was replaced with Modo.[1]
  • There is a deteriorated billboard for Gap in Hepburn Heights in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories that appears to have been covered up with an advertisement for Sunshine Shine, which is ripped to show the previous Zip advertisement. It is possible to see the two torsos of two people under the ripped advertisement. Upon further analysis, they appear to be taken from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
    • One of the torsos appears to be that of Michelle Cannes, one of Carl Johnson's girlfriends, from the latter game.
  • The original Zip logo in the HD Universe is almost identical to the actual logo of Gap in real life.