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The Zebra Cab is a special taxi featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The Zebra Cab is a modified Cabbie, painted in a yellow-and-black zebra pattern, with darker metal trims and bumpers. Similar to the Kaufman Cab, it emits the sound of a high-performance engine, most likely supercharged.


It has superior performance to both the standard Cabbie and Kaufman Cab, with slightly improved top speed, acceleration and handling. The key benefit of the Zebra Cab is in the Taxi Driver side missions; passengers in a Zebra Cab will never complain about the time taken for a journey.

Prominent Appearances in Missions

The Zebra Cab first appears in the final Kaufman Cabs mission, "Cabmaggedon", where it is driven by the owner of Vice City Cabs. He attempts to run down the player, and must be killed, either by destroying his cab, or by firing through the windshield at him.


  • After the final Kaufman Cabs mission, "Cabmageddon", the Zebra Cab spawns inside the cab depot and replaces the Kaufman Cab, which usually spawns there.

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