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*ZIT cannot identify talk show segments or [[Independence FM|user music]].
*ZIT cannot identify talk show segments or [[Independence FM|user music]].
*ZIT is similar to the real life Shazam app.
==External link==
==External link==

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ZiT is a music identification system available via the cell phone in Grand Theft Auto IV.

This system allows players to identify any song currently playing on their car radio by dialing 948-555-0100; an automated Message from Lazlow will ask you to let him hear the song. You will then receive a text message providing the name of the song and the artist. If signed up to Rockstar Games Social Club, you'll also receive a (real) e-mail titled New Song From ZiT at Rockstar Games Social Club with the name of the song, artist, give you a link to iTunes and will save the song in a ZiT Player to give you a preview.

ZiT has an advertisement that can be heard in most radio stations in GTA IV.


Announcer: Isn't it annoying when you hear a great song on the radio in Liberty City but the idiot DJ doesn't tell you who it is.

Male voice: Who was that?

Announcer: Find out the artist and the name of any song on the radio using ZiT.

Male voice: ZiT.

Announcer: The remarkable new service. Call us

Second male voice: And we'll tell you what you're listening to based on a complicated listening system that also helps the government spy on you.

Third male voice: Go!

Announcer: Just dial ZIT-555-0100.

Female voice: 948-555-0100.

Announcer: And follow the instructions from our needy, washed-up celebrity.

Second male voice: So simple even a spotty teenager can do it.

Announcer: ZiT. Because we'll spot the record for you.



  • ZIT cannot identify talk show segments or user music.
  • ZIT is similar to the real life Shazam app.

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