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Ziggy Pole is a character in Grand Theft Auto 2 who works for Jerkov, leader of the Russian Mafia. Ziggy Pole is a drug dealer[1] who refuses to deal with Claude Speed.[2]. If Claude's respect with the Russians is low, Ziggy will try to kill the player. He can be killed without penalty.

 Mission Appearances

  • Payback!


  1. Uno Carb: "Hey, Gecko, it's Uno Carb. I'm selling LEGAL drugs on the black market for twice the price. If you want in on the deal go meet Ziggy Pole" (from Payback! mission)
  2. Ziggy Pole: "Bah. Tell Uno the Kovski want better play-drugs - like the new Mitsi." (from Payback! mission)

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