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"Ahh you know, just uhh... hunting for brains... grrr."

Graham (aka Vinewood Zombie) is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V, appearing as a soapboxer.


Graham is a young white male who wears zombie make-up and tattered clothes, who can be found at the corner of Vinewood Boulevard. He's cosplaying the Vinewood Zombie, apparently based after a character of a movie of the same name.

He will speak to the player if addressed. His act is part performance--he talks about zombies as a cultural obsession--and part job--he offers to take pictures with passers-by for $10. His dialogue reveals a great deal of self hatred and loathing; he states, for example, that he wants to give himself a lobotomy, and his tone is filled with desperation. He also takes a phone call from his mother, telling her that his performance is postmodern statement "on the proliferation of zombies in culture".

He attended college and majored in philosophy, a decision that he clearly regrets. He also states that he can be found on Bleeter and Lifeinvader.

If interacted with Trevor Philips, he'll reveal that Graham reminds him of his dead brother Ryan Philips, and that he wasn't exactly fond of him and that he died in an "accident" (probably implied that Trevor caused that accident). Trevor also will ask about the taste of the brain and other parts of the body, thinking that Graham is a real undead, Graham then reveals that he's just a cosplayer of a movie.


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